The Modern Apple IIe

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This Modern Apple IIe System includes a fully functioning and tested Apple IIe, ready to go out of the box.  The picture is indicative of what your system will be. Included:

  • Apple IIe Enhanced Computer
    • Restored case (Retrobright method)
    • 80 column 
    • 128k RAM
      • Apple Disk Drive Controller
      • Two Apple OEM 5 1/4 inch floppy disk drives
      • HDMI Card (VidHD)
      • Ethernet card  (Uthernet II)
      • No-slot Clock
      • Joystick (Apple, Kraft, or Hayes brand)
      • Power and audio cables
    • Free software
      • Apple DOS 3.3 on a new floppy disk
      • Apple ProDos 2.4.1 on a new floppy disk
      • ADP Pro Software
      • 16 floppy disks to get you started
    • The New Apple II Users Guide Book (over 700 pages of guidance)
    • 90 day warranty
    • Free shipping in the continental U.S.
    • Options to consider:
      • MockingBoard compatible card to play amazing software on select games.  Comes with speaker bar as shown.
      • Virtual Hard desk based upon flash or USB memory stick (CFFA3000 card with 128MB of memory).  Limited availability.
    • Not included:
      • Priceless Beagle Brother poster
      • Monitor

    Each system will be in excellent condition with only very minor signs of use.  The pictures shown are an example of the systems we ship - each one will be a slightly different.